Monday, December 18, 2006

WinTerm 2315 thin clients

Manufacturer: WYSE
Model: WinTerm 2315SE Thin Client
RAM: Unknown
HDD: On-board Flash
Release Date: 1999

I suppose it's time for an update?

I picked up a pair of these for $10 a few weeks ago. Initially, I got them because the guy running the counter at Surplus Exchange thought that they'd probably work with Windows Terminal Server (RDP Protocol) but it turns out that they only play nice with Citrix ICA servers.

Not all hope is lost, however. There is a PCMCIA card slot, and people have reported success booting off of a PCMCIA Flash drive. There are 2 dormant projects out there, one to get NetBSD on this model of WinTerm, the other is a Linux effort. Essentially, the ELAN is a 486 clone without a math co-processor (essentially a 486SX). The board is very tiny, and has VGA, 2 PS/2, 10Base-T, audio, parallel and 2 serial ports. The power supply is 12VDC.

I'm still not sure what I'll use them for if I can get them to boot something useable.


Garret said...

Did you ever tinker w/ the wise 2315se? I got one for free at a Flee market. and wondered want to do with it.


Noah said...

This model seems pretty useless for anything other than its intended purpose. I have two of them that might as well be bricks. You can telnet off of them or you need a Citrix server. They don't even support RDP (Terminal Services Client) protocol. Pretty lame.

iisjunkie said...

I have 2 terminal pc's they are flat, I think they are the kind that they use to sit monitors on top of. I'm pretty sure they still work but I dont have the heart to just junk them. Are you interested in taking them and giving them a good home? I think the processors are like 233mhz or something like that. If you are semd me an email at I dig your retro site BTW..