Friday, March 06, 2009

Tonight at CCCKC: Retro-Computing Live!

Tonight, Frogman and I will be giving a talk about Retro Computing as part of Cowtown Computer Congress' Grand Opening events.

The main focus will be tips for getting the most out of old tech, and of course how to determine if your old tech is worth hanging onto. Of course, we'll spend some time talking about the kinds of things that old computers are still relatively good at.

We'll be demonstrating some old hardware that we've amassed that still works just fine. The Jornada 720, The Blackintosh SE/30 (shown left) and others will be present.

I'm still not sure what time our talk will be. Likely after 7pm.

Cowtown Computer Congress Underground Lab
3101 Mercier Suite #404
Kansas City, MO 64111