Saturday, December 30, 2006

Old Vs. New

Manufacturer: Apple Computer
Model: Black MacBook
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo, 2.0GHz
RAM: 1GB, PC2-5300, 667MHz, Dual Channel

I know, I know. Anything but retro. I have to show it off, though. You see, this is the first NEW computer I've personally owned since buying my NEC Versa 550D back in 1995. I usually buy used computers or accept free, used, unwanted components from people who are upgrading.

Anyhow, here it sits next to its 8-year-old brother, the G3 PowerBook.

I've had this MacBook for a week now, and I must say that I'm thoroughly impressed. Apple still "has it" for sure. This machine has an excellent fit and finish. It's relatively light weight, pretty thin, but doesn't feel cheap or chinsey at all.

I still plan on using the G3 PowerBook on occation. There's a lot of things it's still useful for, including WarDriving (the MacBook doesn't have a PCMCIA slot for my 200mW card). I'll try to keep the non-retro posts to a minimum, but I had to show it off.


Sebastian said...

HI, i also have a powerbook wallstreet, i maxed it out whit 20 gig hd and 320 megs of ram.
I run on it mac os x server 1.2v3 (rhapsody 5.6) and runs great

don Lucio said...

Congratulations to the new MacBook ... and not related: I enjoyed reading your newLISP article in the latest edition of 2600 magazine! Look for newLISP version 9.1 after February 15.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you can help but I have a 02 Focus. Lately it's been blowing fuses to the fuel pump. Got a friend who's been working on but he can't figure it out. Got any clue y it would run fine, then outta the blue act like it's out of gas. Any advice would be helpful. Only does it when going slow or stop(then it won't start). Won't catch.

Noah said...

Kelly, the fuel pump on older Focuses has been a well known problem. They become clogged with sludge from within the fuel tank and then start running really poorly. Replacing the fuel filter might help, but it's likely a dead fuel pump.

Sirrus Rider said...


There is something to say about cast off equipment. My war driving rig consists of an old Dell Inspiron 8000 1mhz Pent III. Cost? Barely 300 bucks including wireless card and external antenna. I'll be more upset with the moron who breaks my car window to steal it than the loss of the PC.