Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Macintosh "Wallstreet" G3 PowerBook

Manufacturer: Apple Computer
Model: PowerBook G3 Series
(A.K.A. "Wallstreet Edition")
CPU: PowerPC 750, 266MHz
RAM: 384MB
HDD: 40GB 2.5" IDE
Release Date: Late 1998

Shown: Customized with Decals

This is a daily use computer for me. Matter of fact, this post is being made from it! It can only run MacOS X 10.2, so I'm running 10.2.8. The massive amount of RAM crammed into this laptop makes it peppy enough for my usual daily tasks of system administration, web, word processing and e-mail.

This is actually a borg of 3 different wallstreets. The first one was a somewhat functional Wallstreet missing a CD-ROM drive, battery, and power adapter given to me by my long-time friend, fellow technical writer, and partner in mischief, Asmodian X back in 2002. I bought a broken mess of another Wallstreet to reap for parts. The resulting Wallstreet was 233 MHz with a 12" screen and didn't have sound, but that was okay with me. I later found a "non functional" Wallstreet 14" 266MHz on eBay for $50. I bought it and reset the PMU (Hold Ctrl, Fn, Shift and the Power button at the same time) and it worked like new. It had been stripped of all its batteries and drives, and came with a measly 64MB RAM. After swapping some parts from my lesser Wallstreet. Battery life is about 1.5 hours. Down from 2.5 or so when the battery was newer.

Internet access is gained via a Linksys WPC11V3 PCMCIA card using the IOXPerts 802.11 driver ($20 or so well spent!) I round off the functionality with the official Apple X11 package, Fink for installing lots of Open-Source Linux/BSD goodies, and some OSX-Native apps such as Thunderbird, Firefox, Audacity, KisMAC and Adium X.

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