Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Ye-Olde Tech Museum

At work, we have a few who remain passionate about retro-computing. Here are some photos from our collective shrine of stuff that still works (and a few things that don't!)

Squarely in the "Does Not Work" pile, a SCSI Drive used for rifle practice: Just try to get data from this:

This luggable still tries to boot. Maybe I should bring in some DOS floppies and see if it actually works. No internal hard drive present.

This is how most of us retro-grouch-geeks feel about Windows XP/Vista:

On the right: a working acoustic TDD terminal that (I believe) can be hooked up to a computer to use as a 150/300 baud modem. The various "removable" media present? I don't know that it still works, but I do know we have no drives to test them with.

A 386 laptop doing what Windows 3.1 does best: Solitaire!

Instant classic: a full-blown Apple //c rig, complete with plenty of apps on 5.25" Disks and a line printer:

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The Editor said...

Haha, 'may cause headache'. Nothing could be closer to the truth.